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Ayutthaya, a famous UNESCO World Heritage site and former Siamese capital, is very accessible for a day or weekend trip out of Bangkok. It is rich with Thailand’s history and easy to navigate around on a bicycle or their famously stylish tuk tuks. Here are a few ideas:



For the more adventurous: Take the 15-baht (third-class) train from Hua Lamphong train station. If you are really adventurous, opt to sit in the non-A/C section of the train. Check the State Railway of Thailand’s timetable for more details (and a bit higher prices for higher train classes). Average travel time is about two hours.


For those who want to play it safe: Take a local minivan transport service from Mo Chit Bus Terminal for about 60 – 70 baht per person. The trip duration is approximately two hours.

There are also river cruise boats available from Bangkok.



Wat Yai Chai Mongkol

An expansive property of Siamese architecture that includes a temple, a reclining Buddha, lake and park. There are many perspectives to take photos from here, and feeding opportunities for the fish and turtles swimming in the lakes. For more details of the temple’s history, click here.

Wat Mahathat

This temple is famous for the Buddha head embedded in a Banyan tree, and the mystery as to how it got there.

Wat Chai Wattanaram

One of Ayutthaya’s most well-known temples, made up of various Buddha images, halls and towers, representing old-style architecture.

Chao Sam Phraya Museum

An interesting museum if you wish to gain more knowledge about Ayutthaya’s history in the form of artifacts which have been excavated in the restoration process.


Ayutthaya Floating Market

Although a bit touristy, this market is a lovely place to taste-test a variety of Thai treats, buy souvenirs to take back home, or just marvel at all things that are different and unique.



Other than their centralized locations, these sister-guesthouses are recommended mainly for the warm hospitality and service-oriented owners and staff. Their charming, comfortable, and comfortable design will make you feel right at home, especially knowing that you are in good hands. The guesthouse will provide you with all of the essentials, including comfy, clean rooms, snacks and drinks, an area to hang out and socialize, some good conversations, and bike rentals. The staff will set everything up for you, from tuk tuks to dinner reservations and travel plans.

Tamarind Guesthouse

Goodmorning by Tamarind




Malakor Cafe and Restaurant

This restaurant’s wooden Thai traditional style gives it an authentic feel. It is very close to Goodmorning by Tamarind, and very accommodating for large parties. Their menu offers a variety of home-style Thai meals. Try their Thai tea and pineapple fried rice!


Baan Khun Phra

Also a guesthouse on Naresuan Road, this is a lovely, riverside restaurant with a beautiful view and many wonders to marvel at as you eat authentic Thai dishes, such as fish-sauce fried fish or tom yum soup. The fried rice and appetizers are delectable.


Wat Yai Noodles

Perfect for lunch — classic Thai noodles and other traditional Thai dishes — before you enter Wat Yai Chai Mongkol (It’s conveniently located in front of Wat Yai).


Roti Sai Mai Stalls

If you’re in Ayutthaya, you must try the signature dessert, ‘roti sai mai’. These are colorful rotis accompanied by neon-colored sugary floss, which you place into the middle of the roti, roll it up, and take a big, sweet bite! You can find these everywhere in Ayutthaya and in bulk, too!

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