Blaa Krim Kai Tao Dessert -ขนมปลากริมไข่เต่า (Wang Hin, Lad Phrao)

Have you ever heard the maxim – do one thing, and do it well? That is what you will find here at this small cart selling the traditional dessert – Kanom Pla Grim Kai Tao (ขนมปลากริมไข่เต่า). The story Under the blue awning is a smiling woman who has been making this dessert for over 30…Continue Reading “Blaa Krim Kai Tao Dessert -ขนมปลากริมไข่เต่า (Wang Hin, Lad Phrao)”

There is a saying that even Thai people have not tried all the desserts that are made in Thailand. There are plenty of places to find something sweet to eat in Thailand. Sweets are available in many shops throughout the capital city, Bangkok and in every small city throughout the provinces. But not every shop…Continue Reading “Traditional Thai Sweets @ Mae Boon Lone แม่บุญล้น”