Wood Shop and Coffee House @ Rama 9 / ร้านไม้ บ้านกาแฟ พระราม 9

This unique coffee house is attached to a Wood Shop that hand crafts various furniture and decor from vintage wood. Here you will find fresh coffee and also a selection of Halal food. Located right on Rama 9 road, it is not too far from the center of Bangkok, but far enough to get a sense of real Thailand. It exhibits an elegant display of wood crafts, and other antique items, creating an inviting atmosphere that makes one feel at home.

All the typical drinks are available at typical Thai prices (around 2$ for a nice cup of fresh coffee), and they have plenty of snacks on their menu as well – including fried ice cream. Their staff is friendly and helpful. The son of the wood shop runs the cafe, and has spent time abroad in England studying. He’ll be happy to help you order, or take you on a tour of the wood crafts his parents make.


A view from the seating area in the front into the back of the coffee shop

Fried Ice Cream and Coffee

The old couches inside the shop with pastel colors

Interior of the coffee shop - plenty of couches and places to relax with a unique craft style


Location: Rama 9 / พระราม 9 (Google Map)
Hours: 10Am – 8PM (Closed Wednesdays)
Phone: Website: Ran Mai Coffee House

Detailed wood ceiling with a coffee banner on display

There is free internet wi-fi available, and plenty of places to sit and relax (or work). After an afternoon coffee, if you’re looking for some good Halal food, just down the road there Fried Chicken Jeerapan Restaurant where you can find the traditional Kao Mok Gai dish (Baked Chicken with Saffron Rice) and of course fried chicken.


How to get here

  • BTS station Phra Khanong (Sukhumvit Line – Transit Bangkok Directions)
    • Get off at Phra Khanong and take a taxi up Sukhumvit 71 (15 min)
  • Canal Boat station The Mall 3(NIDA Line – Transit Bangkok – The Mall 3 Directions )
    • Get off at The Mall 3 station and take a taxi, motorcycle or walk south along Ramkhamhaeng Road down to Rama 9
  • Airport Rail Link (City Line – Transit Bangkok – Ramkhamhaeng Directions)
    • Get off at Ramkhamhaeng Station and take a taxi, motorcycle or walk noroth along Ramkhamhaeng Road to Rama 9
  • Taxi. Direct them to Rama 9. They might know Jeerapan Fried Chicken Restaruant, which is next to this coffee shop. Keep an eye out for Rama 9 Soi 39, once you pass that it will be on the right.
    • Tell them: gai yaang jeerapaan – param gaao
    • Show them: directions – ร้านไม้ บ้านกาแฟ ถ.พระราม 9 (อยู่ถัดจากร้านไก่ย่างจีระพันธ์) เลยปั้ม shell 300 เมตร
Beef noodle bowl

Baan Bpu Noodle Shop

The famous Thai street noodles can be found at this shop in Lad Phrao, Bangkok. Select your choice of noodles and add any styles of meat you like, whether with or without soup, and fresh veggies. Don’t forget to season your noodles with spicy chili for full flavor and the best taste for you. Come enjoy some delicious Thai food and escape from the heat in a crafty designed, open-air restaurant.

Name: Guay Diow Baan Bpu
: Google Maps
Location: Lad Phrao Neighborhood, down Chok Chai 4 Soi 72
Hours: 10AM – 7PM
Site: http://c1jcw9v.uteeni.com/
Contact: +66 81 989 8191

Recommended Items:
Kanom Jeen Noodles Geng Gai (Fermented rice noodles with Chicken Curry)
Sen Lek Haeng Nua Dtun Noodles (Small Noodles, No soup, Stewed Beef)

Menu items for beef noodles

Menu of beef noodle options



Aunti Bpu always enjoyed cooking and food. It wasn’t until Bpu and her boyfriend were retired from their wood furniture shop in Lad Phrao though that she decided to do something with her interest.

Bpu was making her own version of noodles with stewed beef in her house before thinking of opening her own noodle shop. She loved the flavor and the ease of cooking the stewed beef. She began to explore adding different ingredient, a little of this and that — until she found the recipe she thought worthy of sharing with others to enjoy.

This was the start of Baan Bpu Noodles on a small soi in Lad Phrao neighborhood.

Stewed beef noodles doesn’t take much to make either, Bpu informed. It requires patience though, as the beef stews in the sauce for 3-5 hours. Bpu takes this as a positive factor as she and her boyfriend recently retired and didn’t want anything too stressful.

The noodles are flavorful and beef is soft. Select with or with out soup, but make sure to add the proper condiments (fish sauce – naam bplaa, chili flakes, and vinegar – naam som). During our visit, the bowl of steaming noodles were 40 Baht for a normal size, and 70 to up-size – a.k.a. pii-set.

Fermented Rice Noodles with Chicken

Kanom Jeen Geng Gai

In addition we tried the kanom jeen (read about fermented noodles) with a spicy chicken curry. The curry has a good kick, and you can see why looking closely at the colorful small pieces of chili mashed into the sauce.

The recipe is 100 years old from Bpu’s mother in law. She says most chicken curries have only two to three types of chili, but she adds up to five or six! It gives it a more complex color. Be careful if you don’t typically eat spicy with this one (50 Baht for a healthy serving) because it can give a good kick.

Lam Yai

They also brew their own teas with various flavors. These are perfect to help you cool off from the spicy dishes and the heat. Go ahead and try a couple to find the flavor that will quench your thirst and cool your tongue after the spicy noodles. Definitely try to Lam Yai, a sweeter option with the fruit floating at the top – only 15 Baht.

The location of the shop was previously the workshop for her boyfriend’s furniture shop. They wanted to do something that would keep them from loneliness since their children have left the house, but also find something that wouldn’t be as stressful as the furniture business.


Now the shop has an antique, DIY craft feeling. Wooden tables and stools, wood panels along the columns, thrifty picture frames and window frames hang from the ceiling, wood lining the backdrop for the menus — they have put good use to the wood leftovers.

Wooden cutting board

Some of her boyfriend’s furniture collection is on display, mostly old teak wood pieces with intricate designs in Thai traditional style. Some of these items can be difficult to find in Bangkok, but he’s been collecting for years.



Learn more about Kanom Jeen with Mod

Antique bomb shell collectible


Decemberland Milk and Toast

›Bangkok is full of late street food. Not just a savory, but sweet too!

Visit this retro-style milk and toast mom-and-pop (literally) shop for golden brown toast dipped in a cup of hot milk or coffee.

Milk and toast is a favorite concept among Thai people, especially the young crowd. For foreigners – a fun experience to seal the night with a hot cup of milk before bed time.

Name: Decemberland Milk & Toast
: Lad Phrao 71 aka Nak Niwat – between soi 3 and 5 Google Map
Hours: 1900hr-2300hr (approx) but check Facebook for closures
Contact: Facebook