The World Is Your Classroom

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The world is the classroom and everyone learns through their own selves and their own life experiences.

Everything is connected. You can learn from everything.

There is no need to separate and categorize knowledge into subjects.

Be open to it all.

Be Interested

Be curious about things you see and hear, all of the things around you, anything you find along your path.

If you are truly interested, you will be able to put your heart into learning.

If you’re not interested in what’s right in front of you, then what else are you busy with?

Be interested because… you never know when you will need to use the knowledge you have gained.

Oftentimes, we only give attention to the things that have value for us in the present moment.

But we never know when what we learn in the present will have value in the future.

Say, for example, you get a new baby niece or nephew. You have many opportunities to learn about taking care of a baby and about a baby’s development. But instead, you’re interested in your own personal matters and don’t give much attention to learning how to take care of the baby. Then, one day, you have a baby of your own and it’s difficult to learn how to take care of a baby…Wouldn’t it have been easier to already have that knowledge in your knowledge bank, ready to be used and applied? Instead, we let knowledge grow and build up like a pile of old junk… We never use it and thus, it loses its value.

Be Open

Life is not like a test, but the way we live our lives will show whether we pass or fail.

If we know everything already, then why would life be difficult or tiring?

If we knew where to get money already, how to get to places we need to go, then we wouldn’t have to learn.

Do you know what you need to know to make your life succeed?

It is necessary to be open to everything if you want to survive in this world.


You can learn at any time.

Imagine someone comes to you selling lottery tickets, but you just buy some tickets because it makes you feel good.

You don’t ask where he is from, what he does, how the lottery works, etc.

This is a missed opportunity to gain knowledge.

Don’t miss those opportunities…





Be Present

Make each moment a learning opportunity.

Make the knowledge you have of value and use it to develop yourself and your life.

Real education is in your hands. It is up to you what you are going to do with your life.

The world is your classroom. What kind of student do you wish to be?

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