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What is attitude?

Attitude may be referred to as one’s mindset, or perspective, or way of thinking.

Why is attitude important?

Our attitude comes from our thinking.

It determines the way we think about things, speak, and act.

Our attitude becomes our identity, our character…It becomes deeply rooted in our habits.

Our attitude can determine our mood, how the course of our day goes, whether we think an experience is good or bad.

If we have a negative attitude, then we will see everything as bad or as a disappointment, an obstacle.

But if we have a positive mindset, no matter what we meet, we won’t be affected.

We will welcome obstacles and challenges, and see them as opportunities to develop and learn rather than blaming the world for sending them our way.

People says attitude is contagious.

Our attitude can infect others positively or negatively.

It is like an energy that we spread from our minds, and transmit to others.

What kind of attitude do we wish to give others?

We are the only ones responsible for our attitudes — not the things outside of us, or others, or our parents.

We are in complete control of shaping our attitudes.

And so, the important question we must ask ourselves is…

What kind of attitude do we want to carry with us through life?

Take good care of your attitude.

It is your greatest asset in developing and becoming the best version of yourself.

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