Sena Nikhom – An Afternoon Tour

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Sena Nikhom Road is a stretch of road that is full of treats — if you take the time to wander along, you will find many opportunities, from coffee shops, noodle shops, fried bananas, and a large pond where you can feed fish. Let us suggest an afternoon tour in this cute neighborhood.

Stop 1:

Lunch at Rot Det Guoy Dtiow Nuua Wuwa (Google Map)

Recommended menu items:

  • Small noodles with stewed beef in broth
  • Small noodles with stewed pork in broth
  • Grilled pork and beef balls on a stick


Stop 2:


Grilled sticky rice with filling. Make sure you stop by on the earlier side as this Auntie usually sells out of our recommended favorite – sticky rice with bananas. Luckily, this is right across Sena road from the Beef noodles, so you can cross over and make your selection while you are waiting for the noodles to come. Be careful if you come right at lunch hour, it might be hard to find a table on the weekends, or you may wait for the pork/beef balls to be grilled.

Fried bananas and Thai ice tea. The bananas are best when they have come out of the oil fresh and crisp. They also have mataba (pronounced: ma-ta-ba; a Muslim style dish of chicken or beef with a sweet and sour vinegar with onions and cucumbers).

Roti Ban Sena (Google Maps)

Stop 3:

42 Vista – Breaktime Cafe by Re Gelato (Google Map)

Make your way further west along Sena Nikhom to relax for the rest of the afternoon at 42 Vista by Re-Gelato. This family run shop has nice coffee and homemade gelato, mixed in an imported machine from Europe. It’s nice to try a mix of flavors in different cups. You can enjoy these eats along with a wide variety of other items from their menu inside their cafe, or site around the outside on the veranda.

Our favorite spot however is the pier overlooking their large pond. They have bottles of fish food for 10 baht, which you can spread in the water for the hungry fish. Be sure to take care in how you give them the food, as they tend to get excited and can make quiet a splash. Consider finding a quiet corner to give a few the food so they don’t fight over the small amount.

Unique point: Have a chat with the father of the business if he comes by. He speaks English, and loves to hold conversations in German as he used to work in Germany.


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