Traditional Thai Sweets @ Mae Boon Lone แม่บุญล้น

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There is a saying that even Thai people have not tried all the desserts that are made in Thailand.

There are plenty of places to find something sweet to eat in Thailand. Sweets are available in many shops throughout the capital city, Bangkok and in every small city throughout the provinces.

But not every shop is made equal. So, where can you find traditional flavors, consistent quality and a friendly face here in Bangkok?

Welcome to Mae Boon Lon (pronounced “lone” if you’re American) in the sub-disctrict Lad Phrao, on the famous Chok Chai 4 road (if you haven’t heard of it yet, read about Chok Chai 4 – A hood with a heart).

Mae Boon Lon offers traditional central Thai sweets and snacks for over 30 years.

Sample the sweets

khanom maw geng (ขนมหม้อแกง ): This sweet takes up the bottom of the display case as it is the most popular.  Mae Boon uses the traditional technique of baking the mixture of egg and coconut with a pile of herbs in the bottom of the oven to give a delicate flavor. It is 50 baht for one box.

Mae Boon Lon display case of sweets and desserts, ready to take home in a package and share with friends and family.
Mae Boon Lon sweets

foi thong (ฝอยทอง) a.k.a. gold filaments: made from egg yolks into thin strands, this sweet is often found as a topping or filling in other desserts. You can eat it alone if you prefer – grab a fork and tease out the sweet gold (left side of the photos).

Sweets packaged - 40 baht for Foi Thong, 25 baht for other egg-based sweets

kaao dtuu ma-phrao awn (ข้าวตูมะพร้าวอ่อน): dried rice balls with young coconut; shaped into logs, they may not be the first thing you choose on the plate due to appearance, but they are perfect for those who enjoy coconut. The rice is ground and mashed together with coconut, then shaped. Try this sweet as it’s often difficult to find with this unique texture.

Packages of Kaao Dtuu with Young Coconut - 25 baht per package
Mae Boon Lon Kaao Dtuu with young coconut meat


If you want to see more, stop by for the full selection and a tour of the small shop. Mae Boon makes packed snacks as well as desserts, perfect for taking with you as a gift. The shop has also been recognized as an OTOP product as well, so your satisfaction is guaranteed. Visiting this shop, you are also supporting an independent local craftswoman maintain her traditions.

Fun fact: The family of this shop is involved with libraries and knowledge. There is a picture on the wall of the “International Progress of Libraries: Global Knowledge Sharing” convention that the mother attended. She is happy to talk about books or education any time, and in English too!

Mae Boon Lon shares her knowledge
Mae Boon Lon has participated in sharing knowledge of her country through the International Progress of Libraries conferences. The Royal Family in Thailand has recognized her for this work.

Shop Details

Location: Chok Chai 4 (Google Map)
Hours: 8AM–8PM
02 538 1429
Website: MThai Directory


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