Blaa Krim Kai Tao Dessert -ขนมปลากริมไข่เต่า (Wang Hin, Lad Phrao)

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Have you ever heard the maxim – do one thing, and do it well? That is what you will find here at this small cart selling the traditional dessert – Kanom Pla Grim Kai Tao (ขนมปลากริมไข่เต่า).

The story

Under the blue awning is a smiling woman who has been making this dessert for over 30 years. It is not a common dessert to find anymore, let alone find someone who is able to make it according to the traditional style. But this Auntie knows how to get the dough in the consistency where it is not soft, nor is it chewy, but it has a nice bounce.

The dish

There is a balance of the flavors of the two sauces – sweet and salty. The white sauce is a coconut milk base, and gives a salty kick to the dessert. It helps to cut down on the sweetness of the palm sugar sauce – a light tan color. These two sauces form the basis of the ‘soup’ of this dish. Take a spoon full, and try to scoop up the rice-flour noodles in one bite with the two sauces.

The name of this dish translates as dessert of krim fish and turtle eggs. Blaa Grim is a small fish that is found around Southeast Asia – Trichopsis – and is the longer noodle shape in the dish. The turtle eggs are the small round balls of dough.

Dive in and try out this unique, sweet and savory soupy Thai dessert.

Auntie serves the dessert from a large clay pot, big smile.

Learn more…

*Learn how to make it by watching this cooking show. A reminder that this is a great way to learn and practice your Thai Language skills.

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