A Foodie’s Guide to Pattaya

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Here are our top foodie favorites located in and around Pattaya:


Pakboong Loy Fa

The literal translation of this restaurant is ‘Flying vegetable restaurant’ and there is a reason for it: Their vegetables literally fly! The selling point of this restaurant is the spectacle of the chefs as they cook their signature fried ‘pakboong’ dish over a hot wok and then throw it all the way across the road to their co-chef to catch in his wok. This is a spectacle you can’t miss – You will not only enjoy the live cooking show, but the taste of the food after its long travel is also a treat. Try it with some warm ‘khao tom’ and other add-ins!

Location: Pattaya Soi 15



Pakboong Loy Fa
Yaam pla saliit (Fried fish salad)
Khai Jiiaeow Sai Po Wan (Thai-style omelet with Sweet Radish)

La Baguette

La Baguette is a classic French-style bakery with an expansive menu of delectable baked goods, bread, and tea/coffee drinks. They now have 2 locations in Pattaya, both with different ambiances but the same quality taste:

Naklua Road location

Phratamnuk branch

Official website: http://www.labaguettepattaya.com/

Mum Aroi

Mum Aroi (Sai 3), translated to ‘delicious corner’, is a great spot for some authentic Thai seafood dishes. Here are some pictures that will hopefully give you some inspiration for your food order when you visit this restaurant:

Hoi Jo (Deep fried crab meat roll)


Pla Sam Rot (3 Flavor Fish)


Grapao Plamuk (Spicy Basil & Squid Stir Fry)


For dessert, try the classic Thai mango sticky rice (khao niiaow mamuang) from J’Noi in “Mango Heaven” along Central Pattaya road.


สโมสรเรือใบฐานทัพเรือสัตหีบ (Sattahip Naval Base Sailing Club)

Our pick for a sunny lunch by the ocean and some incredibly hearty Thai seafood!


Puu Lon (Crab dip)


Goong Sauce Makam (Tamarind Sauce Fried Shrimp with Cashews)


Pad Pong Garee (Curry Crab Stir Fry)


Bah Wan

ร้านป้าหวาน (Bah Wan) is hands-down the best place to eat a real shrimp pad thai dish outside of Bangkok. This classic restaurant has a long history and credible standpoint by the sea. The shrimp spring with freshness, as do the vegetable accoutrements of this dish. Classic food, consistent and fresh taste!

This sign means you can trust the food!


If you are traveling back to Bangkok from Pattaya, don’t forget to pick up some ‘khao lam’ (ข้าวหลาม) on your way home. This unique dessert will have you feeling like you’ve stepped back in time. You can’t miss this it – sold in a bamboo tube, it contains white or black sweet and custard-y sticky rice to be eaten with a wooden stick. Quite the filling dessert!

‘Mae jalern’ is a classic spot to buy this glutinous delicacy.

Learn more about the dessert here.

And when you’re not stuffing your belly with scrumptious Thai food and treats, take some time to enjoy Pattaya’s sunsets on the beach!

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