Tiling the floors – Day 3

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Father and son work together to tile the floors of the condo.

Welcome back to the DIY blog describing the development of Condo Siri. The main focus remains to use materials that are left-over, and apply the use of these materials to give them a new life.

Everything has value, it just depends on how you view it.

DIY project on tiling the floor continued into a third day.

Today was more difficult. In front of the bathroom, the space is narrower. This means, they had to cut the tiles to fit the space. This is not easy for a beginner as the mosaic tiles are made of rows of smaller tiles stuck onto a backing in the desired pattern.

Therefore, the son brought his father along to show his son how to lay the mosaic tiles. The son helped by cutting and laying the grout. No matter that the father was older, he was still able to work. Even better, he brought his wisdom from his experience to help his son.

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