Bangkok Old City Sights Tour

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As its name implies, this part of the city keeps its oldest secrets and rich history. Also known as Rattanakosin, there are a few notable and picture-worthy sights to see here. It is recommended to appreciate the sights on foot and stop to see, note-take, picture-take, or taste-test along the way…

Sights to See

Phra Sumen Fort: At the center of Old City, this historical fort is a famous landmark built by King Rama I, whose surrounding park is a relaxing green escape with great views of the river and makes for a great  people-watching spot.

Wat Pho: Also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and located south of the Royal Grand Palace, this temple is one of the first-class royal temples, home to the enormous reclining golden Buddha statue.

Wat Phra Kaew: Its English nickname, ‘The Temple of the Emerald Buddha’ clearly identifies that this location is where to find the majestic emerald Buddha statue, a symbol of prosperity. The intricate design of this temple is truly awe-inspiring, with many vivid colors and what seems like the result of very technical craftsmanship.



Sights to Eat

Once your body signals that you need a break from sightseeing in the Old City, go enjoy a famous pad thai dish at Bangkok’s famous Thip Samai restaurant (Pratu Phee location), followed by a thirst quench from their fresh-squeezed orange juice.

For dessert, find MONT, a famous milk shop, always busy and bustling with customers getting their milk fill. Enjoy a warm cup of milk, or coffee, with toast topped with green ‘sankaya’ (pandan custard) topping.


Choose your own adventure. 

Continue to explore, discover, and absorb the treasures of Thailand’s roots… 

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