Recently I went to take two tests for the US teacher certification called Praxis at a center in Bangkok. The first time I didn’t know what to expect. But the second time, I was much more prepared.

Taking a test for some can be stressful. Add in traveling to an unknown location for the test, and you may decrease your ability to do well on the test.

Whether you are taking the TOEFL, the GMAT or Praxis tests, I hope this post will help you plan in advance. Here is detailed guide with photos and information to reduce any stress if you are going to the test center for the first time.

Knowing your way – Maps

If you are familiar with Bangkok, then this should be an easy taxi ride. But if your new to Bangkok or Thailand, it will be good to get an idea of where the test center is located.

Kasem Bundit University has a campus on Romklao road, and the test center is housed in one of the buildings on the campus.

To find locations close to the campus, check out the Google Map.

It is only 11.5 km from Survanabhumi airport, for those coming in on international flights.

From Don Muang airport it is much further, but its an easy route when you follow the Ramindra road.

The test center is located east of Bangkok, in an area called Minburi. The best way to get there is by taxi.


There is only one entrance to the campus. Direct the taxi driver to the right — the building is the second building.


Test center building

Once you get to the Romklao Campus for Kasem Budit University, keep your eye out for the second building called Kasem Nakara. There is a sign out front indicating the test center on the 6th floor in a scrolling red LED sign board.

The name of the building is Kasem Nakara, and the sign will direct you in once you get out of the taxi.


Head into the open-air lobby of the building. There are some shops, including a 7-11 and Dairy Queen. Take note though, the 7-11 is closed during the school holidays – March to May.


Green signs posted on pillars will guide you towards the elevators. The coffee shop here has some nice outdoor seating and reasonably-priced drinks.


Elevators at the back will take you to the 6th floor, where the test center is located.

My first test here, I made sure I planned to arrive early, as I did not want to risk missing the test. I had an extra hour before I checked-in. Not knowing what the test center was like, I order a drink and sat down to enjoy it at this small coffee shop in the lobby.

The second time, I knew what was waiting for me upstairs, so I ordered a Thai iced tea (chaa nom yen), and made my way to the elevators, and up to the 6th floor.

Inside the test center

Check-in area: Turn right out of the elevator, following the signs, and make your way down to the glass doors. Push open the doors and you are met with this set up. The table has information about the regulations of the test. A helpful test center employee will come out and check your ID at this table, and give you an confidentiality contract to fill out and sign.


To the left of the entrance area, the test center provides a nice area if you come early to work or relax.


There is access to public WiFi on the tables in the working space.


Hot water, instant coffee, and teas are provided. There are crackers or snacks as well provided for free.

It was nice to know that I could come early and have a place to relax and prepare to take the test if I needed. There was plenty of space, free WiFi, and even drinks and snacks if one needed.

Entering the test room

The instructions are very clear that you must arrive 30 minutes before your check-in time. My test was at 11:30 a.m., so I planned to arrive by 10:30 a.m. – as one can never know what will happen in Bangkok traffic, and there are no alternative access by Skytrain or river boat for this location, a half-hour did not leave much room for the worst.

When I arrived early however, the test center employee got me checked-in right at 11 a.m. and she offered to start the test early. Going through security is like entering into some biosafety lock, where you have to go through a screening in a security room with lockers before entering the test room. At this point, my phone was already turned off and kept in my bag.

Going through the security screening is detailed, where you have to take off your glasses, show your hands and arms, and empty all your pockets. They take your picture and you have to sign your name upon entering. They will take your locker key and identification in to the test room, and you carry in a pink booklet with blank sheets for notes and two, sharpened black lead pencils.

Inside the test room

Once inside, they will guide you to a white cubicle with a computer screen, keyboard and mouse. The room is mostly decorated white, and the cubicle is spacious – a bit less than a meter across and deep. There is a set of whole ear headphones and a set of noise control earmuffs hanging on the wall of the cubicle for use. The chair is a well-cushioned office chair and rolls noislessly.

The test center employee gets you set up, and then you are ready to start your test. You can hear the typing of other test takers through the headphones, but the employee insisted that the black headphones were better than the earmuffs. There is a small call button in the corner of the desk if you need help or when you are finished you can push it to be escorted out of the room.

You can take bathroom breaks, but they advise against it.

Types of tests

There are all types of tests that can be arranged here. But most commonly you will see people who come for the following:

  • ETS tests
    • Praxis – test for US teaching certification
    • GRE tests
    • TOEFL



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