Sena Nikhom – An Afternoon Tour

Sena Nikhom Road is a stretch of road that is full of treats — if you take the time to wander along, you will find many opportunities, from coffee shops, noodle shops, fried bananas, and a large pond where you can feed fish. Let us suggest an afternoon tour in this cute neighborhood. Stop 1:…Continue Reading “Sena Nikhom – An Afternoon Tour”

  Asiatique has been given a a perfectly-attributed name. It is just as its name implies – a boutique-like bazaar with an Asian flair. Its name has a historical significance as well, giving recognition to the old Danish Asiatic freight company, which helped construct Bangkok’s first international trading port (now known as Asiatique). King Rama…Continue Reading “Asiatique – a boutique-like bazaar with an Asian flair”