Sena Nikhom – An Afternoon Tour

Sena Nikhom Road is a stretch of road that is full of treats — if you take the time to wander along, you will find many opportunities, from coffee shops, noodle shops, fried bananas, and a large pond where you can feed fish. Let us suggest an afternoon tour in this cute neighborhood. Stop 1:…Continue Reading “Sena Nikhom – An Afternoon Tour”

7-11: Convenience at its Finest

Convenience “The state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty”. The word’s Latin origins come from the word ‘convenire’, meaning “to assemble” or “agree” ( It is difficult to truly understand the meaning of the word “convenience” until you have lived in Thailand and frequented the 7-11’s that are located…Continue Reading “7-11: Convenience at its Finest”