Vachi Coffee Bar & Bistro in Yasothorn วาชิ คอฟฟี่บาร์ยโสธร Description: “Great Coffee with Space for All” Formerly known as ‘The Coffee Bar’ and located down the road (Soi Chaeng Sanit 1), this coffee shop recently moved to a new and larger location to accommodate its frequent guests and community space feel. It was renamed ‘Vachi…Continue Reading “Vachi Coffee Bar & Bistro (Yasothon)”

This unique coffee house is attached to a Wood Shop that hand crafts various furniture and decor from vintage wood. Here you will find fresh coffee and also a selection of Halal food. Located right on Rama 9 road, it is not too far from the center of Bangkok, but far enough to get a…Continue Reading “Wood Shop and Coffee House @ Rama 9 / ร้านไม้ บ้านกาแฟ พระราม 9”

There is a saying that even Thai people have not tried all the desserts that are made in Thailand. There are plenty of places to find something sweet to eat in Thailand. Sweets are available in many shops throughout the capital city, Bangkok and in every small city throughout the provinces. But not every shop…Continue Reading “Traditional Thai Sweets @ Mae Boon Lone แม่บุญล้น”

Westerner selection of vegetables is generally limited to salad bars, or sides to the main dish. In Thailand, one finds vegetables in several styles of stir fries, accompaniments to Chili Paste and toppings for Kanom Chin Here, we’ll take a look at the vast selection of fresh vegetables that come when you have southern style food….Continue Reading “Southern Vegetables”