An opportunity to stay in the Hood and live and experience the authentic Thai life as a Foreigner in Thailand.

Condo Siri is similar to a home-stay project here in the Chok Chai 4 neighborhood of Lad Phrao sub-district outside the bustle of Bangkok Thailand. If you are traveling in Thailand, looking for a place to stay off the beaten path, a place where you can relax, a place with more than meets the eye, contact us for booking details of Condo Siri.

Knowledge is not just from books. We have to get our hands dirty too, get out there and have experience.

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More about the Condo Siri Project will come soon in the form of stories in our blog. For now, read more below:

Condo Siri is not a typical hostel or place to stay. It offers the chance to have an authentic connection with Thai people. This will not be for everyone, but is for those who are looking for an adventure — not just outward, but inward as well.

The concept at Condo Siri is everything can have value. We operate on the idea that people stay at the condo and give what they see is appropriate. It is up to you to determine the value and benefit for yourself.