Have you been traveling and been looking for something or someone to guide you to that place that no one else knows about? Or have you been looking to get off the beaten path?

Deciding where to go requires knowledge, insight, and wisdom. How will you decide where to go?

We’ve been there too. And we wanted to give you an insight into Thailand that goes beyond the typical tourist attractions.

There is much more to Thailand than Tiger Tours, Beautiful Beaches and Island Escapes. There is something that you haven’t seen before. There is a heart, a mind to find. More importantly, it may lead to to find the reason why you started traveling in the first place.

We know what it is like to be a backpacker, to be traveling from country to country, to be searching for that special something. We are just like you, but just one step ahead. Let us take you on a tour of Bangkok, a tour of Thailand, and see inside the unique areas that tourists don’t get to go. And maybe you’ll also learn something about yourself along the way, like we did.


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(insights into people and experiences)


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